put your things (devices) into IT-racks.

 We offer ready-to-order IT-rackprofiles and customized IT-rackprofiles.
We use injection molded plastic and 3D printed parts.

key features:

Injection molded pLASTIC

The rack-profiles is made of injection molded abs/pc plastic to ensure strength and great finish. Your things/devices are mounted behind the rack-profile with 3D printed parts.

10" / 19" inch and toolless UI racks

Available for both sizes as well 1U to 6U heights.  

black or "Ubiquiti" silver.

thingsINrack are available in black and “Ubiquiti”/close to silvergrey color.

We customize to your needs.

Beside our ready-to-order products we also offer to customize CAD design and combine things/devices that you need to mount in an IT rack.

Low or high volume ?

We offer to make from one to thousands of pieces. We use injection molded plastic design as well as 3D printed design. We also design pre-molds for injection mold manufaction.

Perfect fit

Your devices are mounted with accuracy into the thingsINrack products. The rack profiles can be mounted upside/down, horizontally or vertically, the devices never fall out.

OCD-TIR panels

Now we also offer OCD-TIR panels, cable brush inlets, vent inlets, blanks, and patchpanels. You can of course combines devices with OCD-TIR panels section on the same 1U-2U rows. Available for both 10inch, 19inch and toolless UI racks.

Configure your own rack

Configure your own 1U-6U row of different devices/brands/OCD-TIR panel parts. Check out our photo galleries first, then goto the configurators(webshop)


More information ?

Morten Winther, founder and product designer, feel free to contact me if have any questions.

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