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Morten Winther
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You order by using our product-configurator >>> in our webshop, keep an eye of the width reference in cm pr device we offer.

In short this is how we do it:

Summarize for each product the width cm you select in the position/product configurator in the webshop, if the total width is less than max width in cm as listed below, the order will be processed/approved for production.

Max width in cm per type of rack model and height (1U,2U, etc):
For 10inch 1U = max 22cm in total width
For 10inch 2U = max 44cm in total width
For 19inch 1U = max 44cm in total width
For 19inch 2U = max 88cm in total width

You wanna combine the following devices in a 19inch 1U rack profile:

1. USG3 router = 14 cm
2. UniFi Cloudkey GEN2 = 7 cm
3. Raspberry Pi4 = 6 cm

Total width reference is = 14+7+6 = 27cm. 27cm is lower than 44cm, the order will be processed. 

The width reference we use is not the same as the actual product width.

Important information before you order:

How is the devices centered horizontally on the 1U/2U rack profiles?

If you order a rackprofile for one device we will do as follows:
10″ inch rackprofile: We will center the device on the center of the rack profile.
19″ inch rackprofile: We will center the device on the left half.

If you order a rackprofile for 2 devices or more:
10″ inch rackprofile: We will place the 2 devices symmetric as possible.
19″ inch rackprofile: We will place the first device on center left-half, and the second one center the right half.

We reserve to change the guidelines without notice to avoid delayed production.

Goto the basket or check-out, enter country and ZIP code, now you see freight cost, you can choose between several freight forwarders/different ship times. No actual placed order is required to see the freight cost. We have several shipping options you can use from, slow shipping or express shipping.

Yes we do, we ship to pretty much every country in the world.

The USW-16-LITE-PoE and the USW-Enterprise-8-PoE are just slightly higher than a 1U height, thus we made a 2U product for that one. It also allow for more sturdy installation and cooling. You can still combine it with other devices to mount on both 1U profiles combined with the USW-16-LITE switch next to them. 

No problem, send us an email to info@winther3d.se and tell us what you want to combine(devices) into a rackprofile and we will look into it.

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